Protists : Dictyostelium discoideum

Aminoacid by Position

Sequence Distribution depending on aminoacid at position 1 from start
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AminoAcid position on sequence: Count from:

Genome statistics
Sequence count
Genome total13233
Filtered set5 (no filters used)
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#AminoacidIn GenomeIn Selected Set
1 Alanine10
2 Arginine55
3 Asparagine130
4 Aspartic30
5 Cysteine00
6 Glutamic40
7 Glutamine100
8 Glycine10
9 Histidine30
10 Isoleucine90
11 Leucine90
12 Lysine90
13 Methionine131300
14 Phenylalanine60
15 Proline60
16 Serine50
17 Stop00
18 Threonine110
19 Tryptophan20
20 Tyrosine30
21 Valine30

Please cite: JetGene: Internet Resource for Analysis of Regulatory Regions or Nucleotide Contexts in Differentially Translated Plant Transcripts.
N. S. Sadovskaya, O. N. Mustafaev, A. A. Tyurin, I. V. Deineko & I. V. Goldenkova-Pavlova
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology volume 68, pages 633–640 (2021)