Metazoa : Nasonia vitripennis

Nucleotide by position in CDS

Sequence Distribution depending on nucleotide at position 1 from start of CDS
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Genome statistics
Sequence count
Genome total34173
Filtered set34173 (no filters used)
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#NucleotideIn GenomeIn Selected Set
1 Adenine3415434154
2 Cytosine77
3 Guanine33
4 Thymine99

Please cite: JetGene: Internet Resource for Analysis of Regulatory Regions or Nucleotide Contexts in Differentially Translated Plant Transcripts.
N. S. Sadovskaya, O. N. Mustafaev, A. A. Tyurin, I. V. Deineko & I. V. Goldenkova-Pavlova
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology volume 68, pages 633–640 (2021)